Envolve Strategies began as a pure bred agency in 2008, providing 360º brand solutions to clients rooted in sustainability, conservation and the environment. In doing so, we amassed expertise in many related verticals and industries.

In 2017, we watered our own roots by expanding into the very industries that forged our careers: Healthcare, wellness, tourism/travel & destination marketing, financial, industrial, manufacturing, CPGs, entertainment, and more.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, where half of the nation's population is within 600 miles, our agency focuses on growing organizations and corporations that need marketing or communications leadership and expertise without adding a seat. We're ready for your challenges. These are a few of the  verticals and industries in which we help our clients grow:

•  Sustainability & CSR

•  Environment/Conservation

•  Elder Care

•  Hospice and Palliative Care

•  Healthcare

•  Health & Wellness

•  Industrial & Trade Expos

•  Marketing & Advertising Firms  

•  Nonprofits & NGOs

•  Tourism & Travel

•  Retail             

•  Regional Festivals