SinkPositive is a water reduction product that replaces a toilet tank’s cover with a sink basin and built-in faucet. When flushed, fresh water from the wall feeds the faucet for hand washing, then collects as grey water in the tank for the next flush.

As an upstart, niche product, Sink Positive’s marketing efforts had solely been grassroots and word-of-mouth. Their web site was the only storefront for consumers and it was not optimized from a design, search or navigation perspective. Most visitors (70%) stayed less than 30 seconds – hardly time to learn about the brand, much less consider purchase. Knowing online buyers make their key buying decisions within three to five seconds.


Our first move was to create a friendlier and assuring online experience with stronger conservation messaging, stronger marketing and sales triggers with an enhanced transactional system to enable purchase confidence.


With a more professional UX in hand, our attention turned to media with a pitch on Sink Positive being one of the smartest and easiest solutions homeowners can use to “green up” their living space. Instead of broadcasting this story to media outlets en mass, we selectively pitched a sustainably minded reporter at the largest daily newspaper in Sink Positive’s main distribution area, then helped that reporter identify other green products and improvements to potentially include in the story. Streamlining the client’s budget, our intent was to influence a story so strong that national wire services would seed further interest among “green media” and related blogs.


The “Top 10 Ways” story was picked up by The Gannett News network and appeared in 12 daily publications nationwide, representing the preferred consumer news outlets in key markets across North Carolina, Cincinnati, Hawaii, Oregon, Indianapolis, Tennessee, New Jersey, Mississippi, Nevada and Missouri. In all, we influenced almost 1 million reader impressions (960,000 actually). Because of the broad appeal to the “average homeowner,” Sink Positive garnered blog coverage as wide ranging as “Strange Mall” and “Sanitation Updates” to sustainability hotspots like “Gorgeously Green” and Huffington Post.  Between the web site and media campaign, we pushed SinkPositive from a virtually unknown product into multi-fold sales increases that consistently created “back order” situations. Indeed, we identified the right story, and pursued the right approach to position SinkPositive with media and consumers, alike.