Chris Clark had a fire in his belly. His business, SC&A Natural Resources, was set to celebrate 35 years in business. That's cause enough for celebration, but it was also time to honor the man who started his forestry management company: Chris' father, who died just a few years prior. The son had a unique idea and we signed up, no questions asked.



To enlighten more people about the importance of our natural resources, and to honor the Company’s founder (now deceased), SC&A commissioned a major donation of 100,000 trees to residents across Tennessee. Our charge was to market the wacky idea and land enough public support through volunteerism to put those trees in the ground.

Ultimately, what started as a simple idea to honor a CEO’s legacy grew into the single largest reforestation project by an individual in all of Tennessee.


On the surface, SC&A appeared as a large tactical assignment. But Envolve accepted the mightier mission: To engineer strategies that could bridge meaningful engagements statewide for SC&A’s business as a whole.


Through a four-month media and public relations plan, we connected SC&A with impassioned CEOs, corporate sustainability officers, private sector engineers, government agencies, school children, volunteers and non-profit organizations in 93 of Tennessee’s 95 counties statewide.

We also engineered a statewide media campaign that needed millions of impressions over a two month period.

In turn, we connected their representatives and/or constituents with meaningful environmental engagements and hundreds of tree planting events statewide.


Our grassroots campaign inspired thousands of Tennessee residents and hundreds of businesses; it secured the consistent coverage by media statewide; and  exceeded goal by 1,482 trees with unparalleled support statewide.


Should all of the adopted trees survive a mere 20 years (which is likely), they will soak in a combined 41,112.5 tons of carbon annually. That’s close to what a 350-acre forest would absorb – imagine Washington, D.C.’s Capital Mall filled with trees from tip to toe.

The campaign produced several documentary-style stories from major market television stations, and was named "Story of the Year" at Chattanooga's WUTC public radio. The campaign also netted a coveted Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award in the State of Tennessee.

Always the key indicator of successful work, SC&A engaged Envolve Strategies for long-term business initiatives including partnership development, strategic business development, and, of course, marketing and PR services.